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tv   [untitled]    September 27, 2011 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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them, ain making sure that the e -- people who go to jill go to jail. we have to make sure that they do not concern the rest of the budget. we have seen what happens in california when we are not smart with sentencing. we have a state budget that is higher than our state education budget. i do not want to see that happen in san francisco, so this will be composed of the district attorney, the public defender, adult probation, the reentry council, a number of other representatives, so we have a complete group of stakeholders that can go about it in that way, and i am proud to be sponsoring it. clerk calvillo: thank you, supervisor wiener. supervisor chu?
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supervisor chu: in terms of connectivity, thinking about how not only connects some, but how it connects the outskirts of san francisco to the central part of our city. so many residents of the sunset, richmond, the valley, they do make their way to chinatown and the downtown for work, for shopping, to connect with community, and to the extent that we do this, it is not just an economic magnet and something that helps the state economy overall, but it is something that helps improve the connectivity and transportation for our existing residents, so i do want to be added as a co- sponsor of that legislation, as well. clerk calvillo: thank you, supervisor chu. president chiu: ok.
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supervisor avalos? supervisor avalos: banks that have been bailed out but who have not been doing their part to support local communities, banks like bank of america, wells fargo, they received bailout from the federal government and yet have not been doing their part to create jobs and to ensure that households across the state and the country have recourse to prevent foreclosure and default, modifications of loans with these banks not as strong as they can be, and it is when residents demand that there is action and accountability that we know we can create change, so my hearing request, looking at how we can leverage our dollars, that is this week, a proposal to these actions. also, it just so there is no doubt about my position on the central subway, i would like to add my name as a co-sponsor for
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the resolution affirming the central subway, and i have actually been kind of alarmed about have a sense of what has been criticized by some of the various people who have been supporters over the past several years, so i think it is important that there be no doubt that could perhaps jeopardize funding that is going to need -- we needed for the build up, funding that will be openly approved at the federal level, where there is a great deal of change going on in terms of transportation projects being approved, and i think the board of supervisors making this statement will be important to assure that there is support for this, and i hope it is unanimous, which it think it is, because we all voted on different aspects of this at the transportation authority. clerk calvillo: thank you, supervisor avalos.
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supervisor campos: i do not want to be long. i just want to add my name to it. clerk calvillo: that is the end of the roll call. president chiu: ok, it is just a little after 3:00. can we go back? madam clerk, could you please call items number 29 and 30? a hit -- 29 and 30? clerk calvillo: this is a resolution to establish the westboro community benefit. president chiu: this is to be
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named the west portal community benefit districts. this hearing is held pursuant to the board of supervisors resolution that was adopted, on august 2, 2011, which sets today's hearing date and also approved a plan an engineering report from 2011 as well as the form of ballot for property owners. supervisor elsbernd, this is in his district, and i understand he may have some amendments. supervisor elsbernd: yes. there are some amendments in relation to this. it is minor. we are proposing to remove two parcels from the total parcels that would be covered, dropping us down from 84 parcels them 82 parcels. one is an apartment building, and the other is a professional building. they are located in an area that would not have produced a great deal of money, i think a grand total of $4,700 out of the
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$2,000 that would be generated. this just reflects the deletion of those two parcels and the technical amendments that need to be made to assure the completion of the benefit districts. i am not sure, madam city attorney. should we adopt this minutes before the hearing, or should we adopt them after? i think most folks know we are going to do this, so i would make the motion to adopt those amendments now. president chiu: supervisor elsbernd has made a motion to amend, seconded by supervisor mirkarimi. colleagues, if we can take those amendments without objection? that shall be the case. so at this time, we are going to hear from any speakers who wish to speak in support or in opposition of this disaster. we will first hear from speakers in support, and then we will hear from individuals who oppose
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it. after today's public hearing is closed, the department of elections will count all of the ballots, including those ballots received during today's hearing and some of the tabulation to the board. members of the public may choose to view these on the basement level of the building in room 59. if there are too many ballots to accurately tabulate them today, we can recess this meeting to a later date to obtain a final tabulation. if the tabulation of the ballots shows a majority protest, the board of supervisors will not approve the establishment of the district or the assessments, but if there is not a majority protest, the board may choose to impose the assessments. a majority protest exists if the weighted balance exceed the ballot of those in favor of the assessment districts. the ballots are weighed according to the obligation of
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each of the affected properties. so with that, at this time, why do we not open up a public hearing on this issue for anyone who wishes to testify on the proposed establishment of the west portal district and on the proposed plan an engineer's report from september 2011? that forced ask if there are members of the public that supports the establishment of this district, if you could please step up. police stepped up, and if you want to line up on the right- hand side, that would be great. each member of the public shall have up to two minutes to speak. >> that afternoon, supervisors. thank you for letting as the year. i have a business. i have been active on this street with a merchant's organization for well over 20 years, which is how long i have had my business. i have also been probably the
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key member in seeing this through. this started in 2009 sort of out of frustration of the volunteer- based merchant organization. we looked at the aspects of the cbd and talked to property owners, and we formed a plan. the aspect was discussed in merchant meetings, and eventually, we hired a consultant and drew up a management plan, after which we had several neighborhood meetings aimed at property owners and merchants and set up a website to get out the word of what we were proposing. in setting up this plan, we researched other districts, including a valid one, because we thought it was very similar in the make up to west portal, and we learned a lot from things they did right and things they may have missed stepped, and we
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adopted two important lessons that we learned, the budget amount. we learned a lot of districts are too shy, so we went for a high amount, and then the length, the term, we figured it should be significant, so we went for what we thought was a reasonable amount. the assessments are fair, especially less than one phone bill for a business owner like myself. i pay about $80 per month. and it said that the formation of a clean and green district, so we are going to clean the streets, green the streets, and put up some small parks. this is a well thought out plan. i encourage you to support it, and we have a lot of supporters here. thank you. president chiu: next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i am an owner, and one of the locations i have is on west
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portal. i have had that business for 12 years. i have also grown up there. my family and child a home is still there. growing up there, i have seen it go both ways. it is one of those avenues that is nice, quiet, charming, and sleepy, but it needs revitalization. in the past years, it has always been voluntary, and all too often, it was way too few people doing way too much for people who probably did not deserve it. this is a great unifier. everybody gets skin in the game. we have a functioning infrastructure. everyone is committed. i feel that wants everybody starts to pay into the system, they tend to be more committed, and they tend to be more involved, which i look wholeheartedly forward to. i am currently president of the west portal avenue association, and once again, it is way too few people doing way too much.
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i support this. there are some that had objections to them. i have looked at some of the videos of some of the other conflicts. west portal is not as diverse lead discrepant s some of the others, which at that questions and conflicts. i think we are all on the same boat, headed for the same island. it is just a matter of having something to get us there. thank you. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is james robinson. i have and big business on westboro avenue for the last five years along with my wife, who will be speaking shortly after. the cbd's have a tremendous track record, where they go in and help improve the neighborhoods and to manage with the existing organizations, and
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i urge you to wholeheartedly support this, as i do. thank you. president chiu: next speaker. >> below, my name is gail. my husband and i have owned a business for five years. we are very excited about this. we believe it will bring continuity and unity, and it will elevate the business district, which is so sorely needed. thank you. president chiu: next speaker. >> good afternoon. my name is bob presley. i am neither an owner or a merchant. i live a couple blocks away. i have been around there for 10 years. we have enjoyed watching the good things on west portal. we have done a lot of shopping there. there are restaurants. we eat out a lot there. there are a fair number of new people moving in. there are five new families on our block with kids. we hope this was portal area
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will continue to grow and be the center it can be. this would be one of the stops on the way to the suburbs. we have more muni lines: through west portal then i think anywhere else in the city, so it has the advantage of being able to handle more people, and the growth in west portal is growth without necessarily having more cars. that should be a positive thing for the city. i support this very much. i see or do people -- i see older people in jointness, taking a walk in and join the local stores. i support the type of distress you are setting up, and i hope that you vote for it, because it is important for the board of supervisors to lead in things like this, so thank you very much. president chiu: thank you. next speaker.
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>> good afternoon, supervisors. my name is auburn shepard, and i am with the greater neighborhood association. i have lived in san francisco all of my life, and i have grown up and have spent a long time -- a lot of time in westport. my uncle used to take me down when i was younger than you. i am here to support the community benefits district. i think it will welcome west portal into the current world. people go to places now. they go to restaurants. they could to shops. they expect to see something bright and shiny, and this is a great way to make a place bright and shiny. the assessment that the merchants and property owners will get is so small that they will not even feel it, but they will feel the benefits of it. i have experience in with the benefits district and a small
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town in the san joaquin valley that has added benefits district for over 15 years, and i have seen their downtown area go from a ghost town to a thriving place where everybody within to wonder miles comes to visit, so i urge you to support this benefits district. thank you. president chiu: next speaker. >> good afternoon. i am the owner of a carpet store, and a property owner. i urge you to support this. west portal is one of the best family oriented neighborhoods in san francisco, and this is a catalyst that can make this community even better. it is a little village. this is something that has been needed for a long, long time, and i urge you to approve it. thank you.
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president chiu: next speaker. >> ♪ well, i look to the east, and i look to the west, and west portal is the place i like best they fix your abilities and your shoes, and they have movies, and for elsbernd, they have foodies. they fix your shoes, and they have food for foodies, and supervisor elsbernd's favorite restaurant for foodies yes, they know how to help you, yes, indeed, and i know they are going to take the lead. they have got ice cream.
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they have got free -- fruities, fix it up, and i think you -- thank you ♪ president chiu: thank you. are there any other speakers in support of the establishment of this district? now, if there are any individuals who wish to speak in opposition of this assessment district, this is the time for you to speak. police stepped up. >> my name is mark, and i am over on the boulevard. i have nothing against this community benefit districts
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program in its inception, but i do have a problem with the 13- year trial period that it has. i thing -- thing that is entirely too long. i think a 4 or 5-year trial period would be more apropos. there are issues. parking. when people come to shop in west portal, if they do not live by to what to it, they start putting quarters in there, and after about $2, if they are in a shop having something done or eating, they come back and get that, what is it, a $60 ticket? i fortune to have not gotten one and a long time because i do not drive much anymore, but anyway, the only opposition i have is the 13-year trial period. but basically, it is a very good idea.
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thank you. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. sir, if you could please speak into the microphone. >> i am definitely opposed. number one, i own a residential building on west portal and a 35-year member. i live just around the corner, so i have seen everything happen on that block. number one, i was never notified at the inception of this thing, so i felt very insulting. number two, as the gentleman said, 13 years or 15 years is too darn long. three or five years makes sense. the amount of money seems exceptionally high. they say it is low. i say it is high. if you take the complete 13 years added up at a 3% per annum increase, it is over $3 million,
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and that is -- the thing i oppose is the increase each year, according to the records they gave me, 3% or there about. well, if we put a bunch of trees or benches or what ever you do the first second or third year, why is the cost going to be that high the fourth or fifth year? it just does not make sense. having run a billing for over 40 years, it just does not make sense. one year, high expense. six or seven years. you put in trees. you print it. not every year, three to five years. i do not know if i am getting to you, but the whole thing, and leaving a lot of us out, and i have spoken to at least four merchants, never even heard about it. of course, it goes to the owner.
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i am an odor. had my neighbor not clued me and, i would not know -- i am and owner. i do not care for computers. my white candles in all, so i do not always ask her to get this stuff, and a lot of information, i know this gentleman back here, i consider friends. [bell] that is it, i guess. i am outnumbered. president chiu: thank you. are there any other members of the public who wish to speak on this item? police stepped up. >> hi, i am elliott wagner. i have a store on west portal. i have been there about 30 years, and i am really strongly opposed to this current version of the west portal dbd.
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i can think about my opposition. one, i believe it was developed with insufficient community outreach. to the local merchants, property owners, and residents. basically, west portal had one landlord meeting and one merchant meeting, and it was presented to us almost like a fennel -- final document, not really with input to either of those cribs at that time. the othercbd's had five, six, or seven meetings. the others did multiple surveys of both merchants, people on the street, and lambeau boards. i believe the yearly costs are really disproportional compared to the size of others. the number of blocks and number
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of parcels, the valley is twice the size of west portal, and yet its budget is only 17% or 18% greater. i have asked numerous times, i came up with a magical figure of to wonder thousand dollars, but we have not been able to do it. i am in favor of this. i think it could be great. i do not believe in this one, and i pledge no matter which way it goes that i will work towards getting one that is successful, be it this one or a better version. thank you. president chiu: thank you. any other members of the public wish to speak on this? please step up. ok, it seems that there are no other members of the public who wish to speak on this, speaking on the topic of the westport a community benefit districts. we will have general public, and later, so if you wish -- you
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have been listening to it. if you want to speak to the westboro community benefit districts, otherwise we will have a general comment, and you can speak then. >> i disagree. president chiu: thank you. any others? supervisor cohen? supervisor coehn: -- cohen: i have a question. who pays into this, and how is the budget derived? >> well, in the west portal, the property owners are assessed. lisa pagan, and the property owners are assessed. the assessments go out on the property tax bill, and they are due at the same time the
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property tax is due. in other districts, not this one, businesses could be directly assessed. we do have one in the fisherman's wharf area on the port side, but this is a property based district, some property owners are assessed, so -- supervisor cohen: all property owners, whether you are a commercial space or in residential >> within the boundaries of the management plan, yes. >> but just to clarify, alisa, some of the tenants have passthroughs, and the property owners will be passing through their costs. that is not a universal thing. some of the leases prohibit a pastor, but in many cases, it will be the retailers who will be paying the cost. supervisor cohen: ok, lisa,
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could you describe the outreach? >> lisa, if i could take that one? this mini benefit district has been discussed at pretty much every community meeting in emergency meeting i have attended since 2009. i think even the concept of it was discussed prior to that. more importantly, and i do not want to put too much on this on one individual, but the first speaker we had, matt rodgers, i think he has spent more time talking to merchants over the past year note -- two years than running his own business. there has been a tremendous amount of outreach, far surpassing our which i have seen on just about every other issue. a lot of community discussion, important not just with the emergence but with the neighbors, and that is why you see neighbors here who are speaking out on behalf of the issue. supervisor cohen: thank you. no further questions. president chiu: thank you.
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any further? this is closed. it will begin. the board will continue with our agenda, and we will await the department of elections for the tabulation of the ballot, and when that ballot is tabulated, we will call that item and announce what the results are, so at this time, it is 3:30, and i would like to go to our 3:30 special orders with regards to commendations. we have several today. the first two will be presented by supervisor chu. supervisor chu: thank you, president chiu. if i can ask mr. scott -- to show up? i have served with him on a board as a board appointee to that body, but today, i just want to recognize scott for all of his work on the health service board. he has taught me a thing or two
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about the work there. in addition to those accomplishments, i do want to speak a little bit about the person behind that. in addition to his role there, he also served formally as the council and general for the republic of rwanda. he was a board member of a company, the director of the nasdaq insurance group, a managing partner, a former director, with several other companies he was at, and he has served on the health service board as an appointee. he has served under many mayoral administrations, under mayor jordan, brown, mayor newsom, and mayor lee, and, of course, he served on that board wellcome as not only vice chair but as chair in many years. he brought with him a significant business experience and really understood what it meant to have to


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